Thursday, November 24, 2016

Télé Star (19 au 25 Novembre)

They feared that the handsome Australian disappear from TV cameras
after releasing his springboard role Mentalist, TMC rebroadcasts at 8:55 p.m. on Friday. But good surfer, Simon Baker was able to take a new wave.

Two questions arise when an unknown actor, superstar turned into one role, just decided to abandon it. "Why ?" and "What will you do now?",  Simon Baker has not escaped the ritual when in spring 2015, he announced that he plastered his role as Patrick Jane in The Mentalist, after seven seasons.
To the first question, the actor said it was time to put an end to a series "whose episodes were linked without the plot really go somewhere." He, however, went straight into the wall, telling himself exhausted by days of fourteen hours ten months of the year. As for the post Mentalist, Simon was no shortage of projects. "I love to work with French directors. I love France and the French," he said, admiring the Revenants, Canal + fiction star that made him want to produce a miniseries.
In Le Parisien, he confided want to take advantage of his free time to "fall on the couch or camp with my children." We do not know today the state of the couch or if the three heirs have become the cream of the Junior Woodchucks, but filming in France and the miniseries ended the radius of wishful thinking. By cons, we spotted Simon in white tie at a prestigious horse race in London, advocate for gay marriage and to indulge in surfing. However, lazing eventually exhaust, even after years under the spotlights. Simon decided to combine his profession and his passion for surfing.
After seven years to get the rights of the bestseller Breathe, he has just completed the film adaptation made by him and in which he plays Sando, a mysterious old surfer in the past under the influence of which two teenagers will live an initiatory and aquatic quest. For now, no release date has been keyed.

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