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Simon Baker of "The Mentalist" says like "complex characters"

The heartthrob fame seductive Simon Baker, especially conquered by the American role in the police series "The Mentalist," came out of the small screen and won the audience side. In Brazil, this face became even better known in recent days with the launch of the new male fragrance Givenchy, of which he is the poster boy impersonating the male ideal of the 21st century, with a hint of seductive gentleman and humorous character who plays. After seven years in the role, in February 2015 the series came to an end. In an interview with the Australian Glamurama he spoke of his new project as director and handed his favorite places in Paris. Comes!
Glamurama: You incarnate Patrick Jane on the hit show "The Mentalist" for seven years.It was his most enduring role. Do you miss this charming and witty gentleman as much as we? 

Simon: No, not much, although it was very fun to play it. I lived with him for so many years! Like other roles I've played, there are aspects of the character that reflect who I am, who have also been expanded. The challenge now is not always defined by it. This can be difficult, given how popular he was. I am very grateful for this experience, and the opportunities that this internationally beloved character gave me.
Glamurama: You just direct his first feature film, the drama "Breath", based on the best-selling Tim Winton. How did you feel with this new challenge?

Simon: I spent most of the year working on it. I gave all my energy. It is about personal identity and the decisions we make that define who we are. I love going through this process. Take this challenge has already affected my approach to life in a very good way.
Glamurama: Besides Sando, the mysterious surfer you play in "Breath", what kind of roles you are interested in playing today?

Simon: I've always preferred complex characters. I like characters that are broken in some way. There is often something undeciphered on them. We have to see Sando through the eyes of the main character in the film, a 15 - year - old. Sando is manipulative and deep, pathetic, despite his heroic facade. It's not exactly a gentleman.
* And since the campaign was clicked in Paris, nothing fairer than to know which actor's favorite places there.
Glamurama: What are your favorite places in Paris? Especially at night? 

Simon: I am attracted to classic restaurants Parisians. La Closerie des Lilas is an indispensable Parisian bistro. Le Petit Riche is a traditional brasserie that takes us back in time to the period of the Belle Époque. I absolutely love this kind of atmosphere. Otherwise, just enjoy a stroll around the city. The Pont Alexandre III has a light in the evening that is breathtaking. The Notre-Dame Cathedral at night, when all lit up, it is also incredibly beautiful.
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