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The gentleman’s attitude?

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There are already four years that Simon Baker maintains high and strong reputation of the "gentleman attitude", thanks to its collaboration with Givenchy.

From his early roles in Australian television series to the big Hollywood productions, to the success of The Mentalist until his first film as a director, he continued his career without losing the charm that sets it apart, so much envied by men ... what loved by women.

Simon Baker is a new generation of gentlemen. A generation that knows how to play with the rules, completely getting rid of certain conventions. He shares with them a taste for the elegance and the art of rejecting their strengths, in order to bring out the best in others. It now offers his vision on the figure of the gentleman, in his apotheosis.

Journalist: Simon Baker, she brings to the screen the person who appears to be

in everyday life. How do you interpret this role?

Simon Baker: In "real life" being a gentleman does not mean playing a part! The essential thing is to stay natural and do not take themselves too seriously. I consider myself a person simple and respectful of others. I try to remain myself in all circumstances and to stay focused on the essentials. And 'This is the approach I have taken in daily life and that I hope to tramsettere to my children.

G: The "gentleman attitude" is therefore a lifestyle choice?

S.B .: Yes, I think on the other hand it is a very modern figure. Nowadays, every person can decide to become a gentleman and thus behave as such. The concept of the gentleman - particularly education, elegance to others - is more topical than ever.

G: In his collaboration with Givenchy, she is represented as a gentleman casual and with a sense of humor. It 's so that you imagine?

S.B .: Yes, that's how I want to make my life: never without a touch of humor and irreverence. And I appreciate the people who can not stay authentic. In my opinion a gentleman must be polite and educated, stating at the same time their masculinity and their fortitude.
You can be certain and sure of his convictions without losing a sense of humor ... again, the focus is not to take herself too seriously.

G: Some people have an image "bombastic" the gentleman, a man who makes too much attention to appearances and to the look. What do you think?

S.B .: Treat your own style is important but, for me, there is one rule to follow: when you wear a suit, must do for us. It makes no sense to wear the dress of someone else, it is the best way to lose your own personality.

G: Do you think that seduction has to do with the figure of the gentleman?

S.B .: The concept of seduction can be interpreted in different ways, and each man has his "weapons" to seduce.

I believe that a gentleman can exploit his romanticism, his charm and his intelligence to win a woman. Show decided, but while remaining respectful, is the best way to behave for a gentleman.

G: What is your definition of "gentleman par excellence"?

S.B .: In my opinion, a "gentleman par excellence" must have different qualities: elegance, personality, generosity and good taste. It is a passionate man, whose intelligence and whose sense of humor always transpire.

G: Un.ultima question: what are your plans now that The Mentalist is finished?

S.B. : I really liked playing the character of Patrick Jane in The Mentalist in these seven years, and this experience has also allowed me to throw in the production and nela directing.
At the moment I want emettermi test and continue to risk. I just finished shooting my first film as a director. Breath, based on the novel by Australian writer Tim Winton. And 'Mark Johnson, producer of the film Rain Man - The Rainmaker and The Notebook, as well as the latest television series Breaking Bad, which gave me the book.

The development of this project has required several years of work and we have just finished filming in Western Australia. Shoot a film was an amazing experience, I really enjoyed this new challenge ... let's see where it will take me now!

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