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Interview from Les

He is the man whose dream all women. Quintessence of the new seducer: authentic, charming and Galant, it prepared a new times its image to Givenchy, embodying its gentleman only absolute.

Tan, wicks blonds way surfer and smile to any test, all wrapped in a warm voice and asked as it... To each appearance on the red carpet or in front of the press, Simon Baker made literally melt the gent of women, bending of good thanks to the unavoidable selfies in duo and other promotions of the genre. For four years, the Actor embodies marvelously the male Chic and Charming For Gentlemen Only. "Previously, we were born gentleman. But today, it is possible to become so.

As well illustrate the advertisements of this perfume, the best way to identify a gentleman is to observe its behavior with women", finds the person concerned. Givenchy has made fly in betting on the Australian star and each advertising spot confirms that his character of gentleman has nothing of a role of composition. Simon Baker has all the ideal son-in-law and the perfect husband: married since soon 20 years with the same woman, Rebecca Rigg, father of three blond heads and athlete in the soul, in love crazy in the sea.

At the time of the authentic beauty where nothing is more hype to live in grand air, in the family and far of the headlights and the paparazzi, the star makes figure of icon. When asked what is his ritual well-being, he responds: "It is very simple, the optimism and a good coffee. "And clarify that it loves to swim, that water the aid to "clean my mind as much as to Relax my body", according to his words. "As soon as I can immerse in the sea or in a swimming pool, I am. "This does not invent. "I course also, I do a lot of biking, and I practice meditation. To default to have the time and the concentration for the practice of yoga as it should be... "With respect to its beauty secrets, this will be the salt of the Sea of the side capillary, a total screen to any test of solar side and perfume. 

The Givenchy, necessarily, and especially the last-born Gentleman only absolute, a juice enveloping, record of a peak of vanilla and spices: "This Eau de Parfum has a solid base, to the Earth Times, warm and subtle. It is chic and authentic. I love the fact that this perfume, created in 1975 by Hubert de Givenchy, knows a second life.

For this fourth opus of a Gentleman only, Simon Baker endorses further its role of tombeur to the gallantry Charming, this time in mode black tie, in the elevator of a Parisian Palace. With, as always, a sense of humor which is perfectly suited to character. The other role which it wishes to heart these time-is that of Director for his first long feature film, breath. The exercise is not new since the actor had already directed several episodes of the series mentalist. But here he raises his camera on his native land, on the side of the west coast of Australia. The story takes place in the years 70 and tale The initiatory journey of two teenagers that bind of friendship with "an old surfer", dixit Simon Baker.

This old, it is him. There is question of meetings, experience, of choice that is made any young and which determine a life, the whole filmed in the face of the ocean. Another image of the gentleman that complements that of the male in Tuxedo.

Source : Les

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