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Mentalist and gentleman: the secrets of Simon Baker

At Givenchy released a new fragrance Gentlemen Only Absolute, the person who became an actor and director Simon Baker. To meet him in Paris Alain Ponomarenko.

In Paris Simon flew with his wife, actress about Seed Ригг. They married eighteen years running, valued three children - and seems to be very happy with one another. Baker so often plague расспросами, what is the secret of a happy marriage that he learned to respond brands): "consistency".

He had an interesting life: it - not just movie roles (the most famous is still the TV series "The Mentalist"), but also producing, directing, scenario work. This is not the first time that Simon Baker becomes the face of Givenchy fragrances. Until that were Gentlemen Only, Gentlemen Only Intense, Gentlemen Only Casual Chick. Each output is accompanied by a mini-movie (with Simon in the lead role, of course). Hand on heart, films were just as good as the flavors: Baker still very charming actor. On the way he opens his umbrella over the girl and carries her across the street on a bicycle, you can watch forever.

He does not hide that loves his trip to Paris, associated with Givenchy. "Luxury hotel, the whole entourage - he laughs. - I feel like James Bond. " But this is only one facet of his work with the House. He was interested not only in the role, but also the way the team is working on the concept of Givenchy, promotion, marketing, and at the same time - on the evolution of flavor. "Somehow I just thought it was a good idea - to revive the legendary Gentleman 1975". He is the first "Gentleman" smelled of patchouli, honey and leather, representing the whole chic 70th. "70 they rule", - said the actor. In his play-list - entirely music of that time.

Baker has just finished shooting his new film "Breath". It is occupied by Elizabeth Debicki, mesmerized by all the roles in "Night administrator", where she was a partner Tom Hiddleston. Simon said he was tired after the shootings, but this fatigue nothing gives: twisted curls, eyes smiling. I ask if he makes a long-standing passion for surfing to keep a balance in life. "What can I say - honestly he says. - It helps, it is not. There are in fact good and bad days. Here, rather, more. I often wonder what would become my life, if a teenager I became interested in the sport. Maybe it would go on an inclined? "He smiles, and his eyes rays diverge famous serfboards wrinkles.

Baker says that the olfactory impression of his childhood - the aroma of menthol cigarettes smoked his mother. "There's what your mom was right?" - "Yes, it is generally not of that breed moms, - he laughs. - It does not interfere in my affairs. She is Dutch, you know. " With spirits Baker met later, in high school. "The girls were then something cheap and sweet," - he recalled.

"And who chooses the perfume for you?" - I ask. "But why me someone when there is Givenchy, - he jokes, but then takes a serious look and said that one flavor somehow gave him a girlfriend -« girlfriend ». I breath away from the disturbance. "Interestingly, and how it responded to your wife? - I would have killed for this. " Baker blinks uncomprehendingly, and I realize that the "girlfriend" was long before the wife. When everything is clarified, we laughing like crazy. "Do not worry - it calms me - the last flavor I bought a wife."

To change the subject, we talk about the new film. "This story - about identity, about the search itself. He tells the story of two teenagers from the coastal Australian town, how they grow. Finding himself, his personality - a universal, familiar thing to all people. All we are trying to understand who we are in relation to the parents, to friends - including - through our solutions, often unconscious. I invested a lot in this movie personal, "- says Simon.

He admits that he loves to give gifts than to receive, but in its vish list - nothing special. Well, except that the happiness and health of close relatives. When asked whether he has an icon, he calls his Australian agent, with whom he worked for many years. "He was unselfish, selfless, lived for others. In his home in Sydney, always someone stopped ... He died seven years ago. "

Baker himself is not afraid to grow old. "The only thing I'm afraid, - he says, - constraints that impose age - when you are forced to give up some things for good. I first became aware of this a year ago. I had surgery on the knee, and the doctor said that, most likely, I would have to leave tennis. "Oh - I thought. - Just going to play half-heartedly. In the end, I'm not a professional tennis player. " But, you know, when someone says that your physical capabilities are limited - to that I'm not ready. "

Despite the on-screen image, Baker does not attempt to be fascinating. He's just an adult man - the real, the real, which is trying to live a full life, to keep up everything, and at the same time - look for yourself. It has. Asked what keeps him from star, he says: "The truth is that I, of course, like all this wonderful experience - Paris, of Givenchy and so on, but this is only one aspect of who I am. I think the real me alive and makes the connection to other people. I'm still friends with my classmates, for example. You know, I love LA, but I still have here this typically Australian feature to quickly converge with people. I like that I can come to Australia in the pub - and as if nothing had happened to miss a glass or two, as if I never left. "

In the evening, when on the run in the fragrance Le Trianon Theatre in the Boulevard Rochechouart going public, on the small stage rises Simon Baker. "Tell me, Simon, playing the role of a gentleman in a mini-movies of Givenchy, you pretend - or remains himself?" - Sounds a question from the audience. "Of course, I pretend" - vengeance laughs Simon.

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