Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why is ‘Mentalist’ moving to Sundays?

Q: I am a “Mentalist” fan and am wondering why it is moving to Sunday night. Its ratings are usually very good and it seems that putting it on a football night is like giving it the kiss of death. Sunday is usually a busy night with family and friends and we don’t watch much TV that night unless it is football.

 A: “The Mentalist” is entering its fifth season, a time when a network might want to try something new in its old, valuable Thursday time slot, which is probably why CBS moved “The Mentalist” to Sunday and slotted newcomer “Elementary” for 9 p.m. Thursday. “The Mentalist” is not exactly a buzzy show and CBS execs are probably betting “Elementary” can create more excitement.

Source : StandardNet‎

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