Monday, September 17, 2012

Spoiler Alert : Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular(TM S5)

PREVIOUSLY ON... Jane pulled the ultimate long con to get close to Red John, going off the deep end in order to strike up a relationship with the murderer’s agent, Lorelei. In the end, the killer eluded Jane, but the team was able to capture his mysterious helper.

COMING UP NEXT The CBI and the FBI (represented by new recurring players Polly Walker and Ivan Sergei) will battle for custody of Lorelei, and Jane's not about to let her go. In order to get information out of the devious gal, he is "willing to go way beyond the limits that Lisbon would like to set for him,” reveals executive producer Bruno Heller. "Lisbon and Jane come into serious conflict about that. Now that he has this close connection to Red John via Lorelei, he's not going to let it go.” That's good news for viewers frustrated by the elusive figure, Heller says. "Jane is going to get much, much, much closer to understanding who Red John is and what he's about and how to catch him.”

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER The CBS drama is planning something pretty special for its upcoming 100th episode, which will reveal "what happened when Jane first arrived at the CBI all those years ago,” previews Heller. "It's like the origins of Spiderman [or] Batman. We see Jane soon after the death of his wife and child, and we see him meeting the team for the first time. It's a great, fun episode.

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