Friday, June 15, 2012

Spoiler alert : TM sesaon 5

The Mentalist "Will they ever catch Red John”

Patrick Jane staged an elaborate trap for the serial slayer Red John, but the whole thing back fired when the Feds moved in and inadvertently killed CBI boss Luther Wainwright. Still, Executive Producer Bruno Heller swears progress is being made, thanks to the capture of Red John’s accomplice, Lorelei Martins.

"This will help lead Jane and the CBI to some really important, concrete facts about Red John next season.” Heller says. "There will be a cascade of information – how he operates, who’s with him and who isn’t, and what his game really is.”

How can we overlook Jane’s escalating lawlessness, especially after he buried a man alive? "He got away with shooting a man in cold blood at a shopping mall this time last year.” Heller notes "His charm and his abilities will certainly get him past this.”

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