Friday, June 08, 2012

Simon Baker never takes wife for granted

Source : Belfast Telegraph
Date : 3 June 2012

Simon Baker still feels he needs to "seduce" his wife.

The Australian actor married Rebecca Rigg in 1998 and they have three children together.

The 42-year-old star ensures his relationship stays on track by keeping the spark alive.

"I need some challenges in love or I'm bored. Life is never the same with Rebecca because she keeps some mystery [around her]," he told Gala France. "I still feel I have to seduce her to make sure she stays with me. In general, the problem in a relationship is when the couple stagnate. And I don't have any routine with my wife."

Simon's marriage hasn't always been easy and he admits he used to argue with Rebecca. However, The Mentalist actor insists that has only brought them closer together.

"We are both very stubborn! We often had feuds at the beginning of our relationship, but as we get older we both got bored of the feuds. And more than that, [I] finally understand that the woman is always right! There are still some frictions, of course, but we always try to take something positive from that. It never put our relationship in danger. On the contrary, it makes us stronger," he said.

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