Wednesday, May 02, 2012

TM S4 finale spoilers (TV Guide Magazine 2nd May 2012)

The Mentalist

FINALE: Thursday, 5/17, 10/9c, CBS

Crime genius Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is fired from his job at CBI after an emotional meltdown at the office in the May 10 episode. Then in the season ender set several months later, we find him living in Las Vegas, where he working (once again) as a fake psychic. Jane has finally had enough of chasing after [serial killer] Red John," says exec producer Bruno Heller. "He decides to pack it in and that sends him on a severe downward spiral, much to the dismay of his former team at CBI.?The finale boasts yet another game-changing encounter with Red John plus a potential love interest for Jane, played by ex-Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui. "She a breath of fresh air and might be Jane saving grace," says Heller. "She doesn judge him and that exactly what he needs. He in such a vulnerable place.?Chriqui, meanwhile, is set to return next season. Do we see long-term romance in Jane's future?

Photo caption: Jane in love? "Yep," says exec producer Bruno Heller. "He really falls for her."

Source : Spoiler TV.

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