Friday, May 18, 2012

Matt's Inside Line: Do we see sex in The Mentalist‘s future?

The Mentalist

Tonight is that night that Patrick Jane goes off the deep end, shoots one of the CBI’s own and then disappears to Sin City, where he catches the eye of Entourage’s Sloane – meaning, a cocktail waitress played by brunette beauty Emmanuelle Chriqui. Bonding at first over the topic of magic, “They have a nice little connection and hit it off right away,” Chriqui previews. Alas Jane, when he meets the lovely Lorelei, “is not in the best place…. He’s at a seemingly low point in his life,” says Chriqui. “But that doesn’t intimidate her too much.” Hmm, just how well do the two relative strangers get along? Do they fall into bed post-haste? Chriqui giggles a bit, but only reveals, “They have ‘an encounter.’”

Source : tvline.

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