Friday, April 20, 2012

Matt's inside line:TM spoilers

The Mentalist Next, we take a trip to the reader mailbag, where Luis clamors for “scoop on The Mentalist. Anything you can tell me will work!” Well, rather than settle for “any” scoop, how about some juicy goodness regarding the season finale? “It’s a big one,” Owain Yeoman promises us, adding: “Jane really does go off the reservation.” And along the way, the CBI consultant might take someone surprising down with him, literally. “I can say that he will end up shooting….” Er, actually, we’ll save Owain’s bacon and cut him off there. But he does go on to say the shooting “is a really, really big deal for us” and part of “our most action-packed finale to date.” As for the Vegas cocktail waitress being played by Emmanuelle Chriqui, looks like she’ll be a far cry from Entourage’s well-heeled Sloane. “She is kind of representative of Jane at his lowest point,” says Yeoman, “so there’s a whole side of him that we’re going to see that we haven’t seen.”

Source : TV-Line.

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