Friday, August 26, 2011

Watch! (Aug-11)


Your favorite shows ended last season with a bang—in some cases, literally. We recap the finales and clue you in on what will happen next year.

The Mentalist

Shocking ending:

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) shoots Red John dead in public.
Expert opinion: "It was a culmination of a three-year journey,” says Brownfield. "This was the ultimate showdown. We cast a very interesting actor to play him, and then there was the surprise of killing him at the end.”

Next fall:

"It’s not as easy as just killing him,” Brownfield says. "It’s still up in the air: What does this mean? What’s the fallout for Patrick Jane? What’s the fallout for the team? And is Red John really gone for good? Are we moving on to another villain?”

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