Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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That fabulous BakerBoy

Like many of the suspects in his hit US show the Mentalist, there's more to Simon Baker than meets the eye. Frm humble Tasmanian beginnings to one of the biggest TV stars not just here but around the world, Baker isn't just about Aussie good looks.

He's a celebrated actor, getting his break on the Osca-winning film LA Confidential. Before that, he worked at home in Australia on E Street, Home and Away, and Harbreak High. He's been in a bunch of other hit movies too, including The Devil Wears Prada alongside Anne Hathway.

But its' TV where he's made his biggest impact, first with the thriller The Guardian and nowt the runaway smash The Mentalist, where his character Patrick Jane uses his gift for picking up subtle cues in body language to help him bring criminals to justice.

He's father, with three children – Stella, Claude and Harry – to his wife Rebecca Rigg, also an Austrailian actor (you might remember her as troubled teenager Gabe in A country Ptactice). Baker's family has a big influence on his work: his daughter Stella pushed him to take the role in The Devil Wears Prada so she and her friends could go and see a movie where he didn't die for once.

He's an advocate for social justice too, playing in Soccer Aid 1010 as part of the Rest of the World team which faced England. Even tough Baker's penalty shot was saved by the keeper, the Rest of the World went on to win the shootout and take the coup from England for the first time. He's always aware of the political ramifications of the work he takes on, even on projects that a first glance might look loke pure fun, like George Romero's zombie movie, Land of the Dead, with its underlying commentary of modern American life.

Combine these things with a string of award nominations (including a humble Aussie Logie back in 1993 for his work on E Stree) and you get a modern Australian success sotry.

Of course, there a places in the world further from Hollywood than Launceston, but not many! After Tasmania, Baker lived in Ballina NSW, which no doubt gave him a taste of the beach life he later found with his own family in Malibu… though he still describes the surfing back home in Australia as prettier and cleaner than it is in the US. And while he was working and living the US he says he missed being able to get a good meat pie.

So he walks the re carpet with the industry's top stars, gets nominated for top awards, is a major commodity for global television drama…yet at the end of the day he still manages to find time to watch Gossip Girl with his daughter once her homework is done.

All this makes Simon Baker the perfect ambassador for Samsung's entire range of products including Smart TVs – he's equally about quality family time as he is about the latest in blockbuster entertainment.

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christus33 said...

dear mr.baker,
i cant find a way to write to you prtsonally.
i am very sick and i will die.
and the onliest sunshine is to watch the mentalist on sonday and monday.
miss the guardian.excuse my bad english.
its fine that i dont see you on red carpet and hear nothing in our german promishows ot yellowpress.
think,you are a nice guy,inside.
qish you and your family the very,very best. ute