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Red John: Reduced?

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Season 4 of The Mentalist is about to air next month in the US after a gripping season 3 finale. Simon Baker in an interview told TV Guide: "We're really stepping outside The Box with this one -- we'll see how far we can push Patrick and still keep him empathetic and likable in The Eyes of the audience" referring to the season 3 finale. There may be cynics out there who will No Doubt quibble over this, but Patrick Jane is one character who will always be close to most viewer's hearts. He's been through so much in his personal life; suffered the heartaches, but through it all he carried on when others would have failed and given up at times of such adversity. Losing someone close is tough, but to lose two family members at the same time to the heinous crime of cold blooded murder is unthinkable, let alone unbearable.

Becoming a police consultant for the CBI makes me believe Patrick truly wants to repent for his past actions. He may come across as arrogant and cocky, especially to those who don't know him (not many know the real Patrick Jane). To me, that appears to be an act to an extent. Deep down he has a hole he can't fix; he wants his redemption like anyone else. That in part can be put down to his upbringing, his carnival life. In the episode 2.10 Throwing Fire, where we flash to his family, his father in particular, it's apparent Patty (I used to call him that since season 1) is angered and abhors what he has to do; conning victims out of their money, especially when it's a matter of life and death. Maybe he conned and taunted one too many in Red John and thus he focused his actions onto Patrick. The question has to be asked, if his family weren't murdered would Patrick still be a con or a mentalist?

Which leads nicely on to the Red John and the revenge aspect of the show and Patrick's character. In his position (though murder is never right or can be condoned) wanting to exact revenge on Red John is understandable. Thus highlighting the fundamental flaw in Patrick: he's good, but not that good (as a person that is.) Was shooting 'Red John' justice for his wife and daughter or retribution, which mirror each other so closely. Why would he not want to kill him, especially since he told Lisbon that since Day One. Yes, Red John appears dead, but is he really? The entire premise, for the most part, of The Mentalist was about Red John and how this deadly thorn in Patrick's side taunts him in every way possible. Leaving behind smiley faces in the blood of his victims. He made this fight personal when he killed Patrick's family -- as the messages were also personally directed at Patrick.

Is Red John dead? Personally I don't believe he is, but I could be wrong. He's used so many people and only now are we seeing the extent of his organization. An evil poison spreading into every vein he can seep into. For Red John has many minions, acolytes, whatever you want to term them. Those that would do anything for him and yet so staunchly loyal that they would rather die than be taken alive. Loyal or just plain afraid? He can kill anyone, anytime, demonstrated many times over in the prisoner episode of season 1.11 Red John's Friends, season 1.23 Red John's Footsteps, season 2 His Right Hand, season 3.24 Strawberries and Cream. More importantly he remains in the shadows.

Simon Baker: "He's [Patrick] at a point where he's desperate -- desperate and calculating -- and he needs the help of the mole." (In season 3.) Simon mentions the episode Red John's Friends, where he wrote the message, "he is man." Commented Simon, "I think we could say at this point that "he is man" was meant to be "he is many" -- that raises the question if Jane ever gets Red John; is he getting the real Red John? Reminded me of the season 1.2 So It Begins episode of Alias when Sydney (Jennifer Garner ) tells Vaughn (Michael Vartan) she'll hand him SD-6 in a matter of months and he shows her the bigger picture, the map of SD cells everywhere. He tells her "this is not about cutting off the arm of the monster; this is about killing the monster." So too is Red John's domination.

Nicely following to the season 2 finale and Kristina Frye (Leslie Hope). Now there is someone who definitely was in cahoots with Red John. She had to be, why else would she be spared when she was supposedly kidnapped, when everyone else is always killed? Bear with me, but at one point, it's conceivable or plausible that she herself was or could be Red John. The voice distorter used in the season 2 finale, Red Sky at Morning, almost sounds like a woman (one reason why Red John May have been given a high-pitched voice in season 3. (Remember they didn't get Bradley Whitford to play him yet.) If you listen out to the way Kristina spoke and then to Red John's syntax, mannerisms when he talks to Patrick at the end; they sound almost too similar to be a coincidence. Not to mention at the beginning of this episode she talks to the waiter and says, "Roll tide." Red John also speaks this to Patrick at the end, as well as saying, "you know who I am." (Double meaning there perhaps.) And The Tyger poem. Question being how could he have known about this, when Kristina said it at the beginning; either leading us to believe she is Red John, or that she is very closely connected to him. Remember the all important concept of foreshadowing.

Also the 3.23 episode Strawberries and Cream Part 1, where Gupta (Ravi Kapoor) resorted to using a voice distorter too, but still it was apparent it was really his voice. Oh one thought -- Brett Stiles (Malcolm McDowell) and his cult where it's so easy to manipulate members/followers, which is so uncannily similar to Red John; has some sort of a connection to Red John. He spoke to Patrick about Kristina in the season 3 episode when she was returned.

The Blood on His Hands episode, when she was returned wasn't too convincing Kristina was catatonic, but more like manipulating Patrick into believing she was. Kristina always managed to insinuate herself into CBI investigations. She appears to be Patrick's opposite in a way, he's a mentalist, she's a psychic, supposedly. When sHe Went on TV and spoke about Red John, she did the same thing Patrick did with Red John, confronting him on TV and then disappeared, allegedly kidnapped. She didn't sense the interviewer would be killed and why spare Kristina. We know Patrick doesn't believe in psychic hocus pocus.

Since season 1, in the episode Red Flame, when he and Lisbon (Robin Tunney) had that intense conversation, that when he finds Red John, "I'm going to cut him open and watch him die slowly. Like he did with my wife and child. If you have a problem with that, we should talk." Lisbon replies Red John will be tried in court. Patrick: "Not if I'm still breathing." With Lisbon having to do her duty: "If you try and do violence to him, I will try and stop you. If you succeed in doing violence to him, I will arrest you." Will Lisbon arrest him, well he will be arrested there's No Question about that. Will Lisbon want to arrest him and not help Patrick, more so after what she and the rest of the team have endured. Also if he did shoot him dead, it will deprive Patrick of the slow torture he so relishes for Red John.

Patrick may have a high price to pay for this revenge, but just maybe Red John planned it that way; watching from a safe distance. Unless of course the show is taken in a completely different direction.

When The Mentalist first aired in the UK and there were shows about it, one theory was compounded that Red John was none other than Patrick Jane. Five ran some great ads for season 1 of the show, the red smiley idents were used in an advertising campaign with little messages in red, such as "Oh you read this page? That's slightly surprising." "Your attention span tells me a lot about you." "I've been watching you closely. Tomorrow night is your turn." "If I'm right about you. We should meet tomorrow." Bet plenty of people had dreams about those!

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