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Five Predictions for Season 4 of 'The Mentalist'

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Date : Aug 22, 2011
By Jason Gallagher

The CBS drama "The Mentalist" is coming off a very successful Season 3, which was capped off by one of the most explosive season finales in recent memory. Because Patrick Jane ( Simon Baker ) pulled the trigger on a man he believed to be Red John, few may be surprised to learn that Season 4 will open with Jane in jail. Fans also know that this is not Jane's first trip to the slammer, but this time he is in serious trouble. The specific contents of the new season of "The Mentalist" are under wraps, but here are a few predictions for Season 4:

Jane Will Not Stay in Jail Long

Jane is not sorry he shot Red John because he had been planning it for a long time. The fact that his actions have consequences is not really a surprise to him either; what may surprise him is how much support he gets from his team. Lisbon ( Robin Tunney ) and company will probably be key to his release, but there might be more heinous forces at work.

It Was Not Red John

While the debate over was it Red John or not raged for the better part of the summer, it will likely turn out to not have been the serial killer. The show needs that driving force to keep Jane motivated, and when he is released and investigating a seemingly common killing one day, the team will walk in and see that dreaded smiley face.

No Relationship for Rigsby and Van Pelt

Rigsby and Van Pelt have had the most difficult time having a relationship, but after the latest misjudged character to enter Van Pelt's life, she will probably reevaluate her profession. The point is she will likely be a little preoccupied with other tasks before having the chance to get around to having another romance.

Lisbon Deals with Anger Issues

Lisbon is going to be pretty angry that Jane killed a man in cold blood, as she has pointed out on several occasions. She always thought she would be there to stop Jane. Since she ultimately failed, she will likely be on the angry side, which does not bode well for Jane. However, the pair will likely come full circle, but Jane will need to work to get her trust back. She also might be punished for losing control of Jane, but that seems a bit harsh.

Jane Will Change

Once Jane realizes there is a larger game afoot than he believed, he will likely shift gears into full-on revenge mode. Now that Red John, or whoever is pulling the strings, knows that Jane means business, things could get even more deadly serious.

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