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Télé Loisirs (du 1 au 7 Janvier 2011)

Source : Télé Loisirs
Date : du 1 au 7 Janvier 2011
by Gwenola Trouillard

Big thanks Anna for scans and Translation.

With 9 millions of fans each week, he was the 2010’s champion of all US series. Why do you love the new TF1’s Colombo so much.

As beautiful as Dr Mamour, as tortured as Gregory House, and much more funny than all the CSI’s series, Patrick Jane is the new TV strong man. With Simon Baker, return to the phenomenal success of the Mentalist, angel face devoured by his inner demons and his obsessive quest for Red John.

French Touch

Come to defend the series at the last TV Monte-Carlo’s festival, the Australian native actor took the opportunity to spend a few weeks on holidays with his family on the French Riviera. And if he confides appreciating French women and gastronomy, his interest is also professional: “I would be incredibly ungrateful not to appreciate your country, 9 millions of TV viewers each week is not nothing” he told our correspondent in Hollywood Hervé Tropéa. “ I attach an enormous importance to how the French react to the series. I told it to the producers before filming: to me the best critics are the French tv viewers. I knew if they liked the Mentalist, it would have been the same elsewhere.” And he added: “Besides, it’s not a coincidence if I insisted on driving a DS21, a French car.”

The New Columbo

Contrary to the CSI who find the guilty at the bottom of a test tube, the Mentalist is dedicated to discover the killer basing himself on his extraordinary observation’s gift and logical deduction. Like the famous inspector with whom he shares the same crafty side and a sly sense of self-mockery. Beyond the motorized tribute (Columbo was also driving a French car, a Peugeot 203 cabriolet), he replaced the old wrinkled raincoat by an elegant and outdated knitted waistcoat, that gives him a look you can instantaneously identify. “I also took, he confided at Monte-Carlo, some traits of my personality that I exaggerated, such as my schoolboy side and my taste for verbal contests. Although, at this game, my wife and daughter are much stronger than me.”

Surfer’s appearance

Australian, former surf champion, hunky and hedonist, Simon Baker has definitely something for everyone. “I’m a “sensationalist” he said, I cultivate simple things: appreciating a good wine, watching the sunset, a storm approaching on the sea, my children laughing and heckling, diving into the ocean and dry to the sun”. In love with the same women for 20 years (the actress Rebecca Rigg), with whom he had 3 children (Stella 17, Claude 12 and Harry 9), Simon Baker is everything but a playboy. Although he started with romantic leads: in the Australian series “Heartbreak High”, then in Hollywood in LA Confidential and The Devil wears Prada. He found with the Mentalist a springboard to fame and altogether a logical evolution of his vocation as a surfer. “When you’re waiting for the wave, you’re at a 100% here and now, a good actor must also live intensively in the instant”. Irresistible, as we say…

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