Friday, January 28, 2011

Sundance Interview with for MARGIN CALL

Demi Moore: Tell us your story Simon.

Simon Baker: I was a lonely child and I was promised a love scene with Demi Moore so I showed up. No, I read the script and I don’t really know much about the financial world. I thought it was interesting and it brought it into sort of laymen’s terms It felt like a normal workplace and the politics of a workplace. For a lot of people that had that period of time, those decisions that were made had an enormous impact on so many Americans. It seemed so simple. As far as the script goes, it’s people in a room discussing, “Do we do this or do we do that?”, and the outcome we all heard about. Just shockwaves through every town in America, but it really boiled down to these people having these kind of petty arguments in the room about “Do we do this or do we do that? Do we look after the company or do we fallout and is that what it is going to be about?” It could have been any workplace, but it happened to be something that had enormous repercussions on the American public.

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