Thursday, January 06, 2011

Le Mentalist de A à Z

Paperback: 243 pages
Publisher:January 5, 2011
Language: French


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Today released a book about The Mentalist, an event or being the first French book on the subject. Written by Frederick Rapilly, a journalist for Tele 7 Jours, it contains anecdotes and revelations - they are too small - that could prove very useful in the pursuit of Red John. Accessible and well written, it is for everyone, fans or not, who want to learn more about their favorite hero. Published by Editions du Rocher, he was one of the few books to focus on the phenomenon Mentalist.

Appeared on our screens last year, the series touches virtually all its CIRCULATION 10 million viewers. Hype or not, Simon Baker is popular with the famous household under 50 years, as popular television channels. A godsend for TF1, who had bought the show in 2008 following his performances overseas. Not insignificantly, The Mentalist comes up repeatedly in the table top 100 hearings conducted at the end of each season.

The book, kesako? Presented as a mini-dictionary of the show, it decrypts letter after letter, items, characters or dialogue. If the A enlightens us more about the actress, Isabella Acres, who played the daughter of Jane on the screen, the Z which concludes the book focuses on the "Zen" of which the mentalist demonstrated during investigations he leads briskly with Lisbon and the team of the CBI. As a bonus, an interview by Bruno Heller, creator and producer of the show, informs us about the genesis of the project and the coming seasons and a complete episode guide super picky and the first 2 seasons. A must have early this year!

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