Thursday, January 06, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel Live(January 5 2011)

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Simon Baker returns to Sacramento tonight for a new episode of ‘The Mentalist’. The primetime drama has the man with an accent sounding like an American for a good 47 minutes (counting all the commercials) and Baker’s fans adore it. The actor was on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night talking about his career as an actor, but before he was in any film, he was pursuing a nursing career.

Well, he sort of wanted to be a nurse. According to Simon Baker, he was in nursing school for three months because of the ladies. Using the art of fine calculation, the actor shared how he thought finding the perfect woman meant having good numbers to draw from.

“We figured that the odds were really good for a heterosexual nursing student. 85% woman, 80% of the men who did it were gay. I don't think I was that bad of a student,” says Simon Baker.

What he didn’t realize after getting into school was the studying that came along with all the ladies leaving him to pursue other avenues for career choices. No doubt he is happy to be part of The Mentalist as it had solid fans, great numbers and Simon Baker is adored.

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