Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday's quiet killer: 'The Mentalist'

If there is such thing as a quiet hit, "The Mentalist" is it. The show does not get nearly the buzz of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," NBC's "The Office" or even CBS's aging "CSI," and yet "Mentalist" is the most-watched show on Thursday nights.

The drama follows Patrick Jane, a faux-psychic-turned-police-consultant who uses nontraditional methods to help catch criminals in the hopes of tracking down a murderer called Red John. Red John killed Jane's family, and Jane is itching for revenge.

In tonight's episode, airing at 10 p.m. on CBS, Jane investigates the death of some small-town cops, in a show that's directed by series star Simon Baker, the Australian beefcake who plays Jane.

"Mentalist" is averaging 16.9 million total viewers, ranking sixth on broadcast this season and a full 1.3 million ahead of the No. 2 show on Thursday nights, "CSI."

So why doesn't "Mentalist" get the attention heaped on those other programs? One reason is probably that the show does not do as well as "Grey's" or "Office" among adults 18-49, which tends to be the buzz machine for TV shows.

Also, while Baker certainly has a devoted following, he's not quite the breakout star that Steve Carell or some of the "CSI" crew are, which means less attention for his program, which is a shame. It may be the most creative procedural on broadcast.

Source : Medialife Magazine.

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