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Date :30 OCT-5 NOV 2010

My dream would have been to be French »

Mentalist is a hit in our country and this is essential to its performer.
From our correspondent in Hollywood, Hervé Tropea

Simon Baker welcomed Télé Loisirs in theHollywood Foreing Press Association ‘s offices, in West Hollywood.

He has such a good memory that he gave us minor details of our last interview with him. “France is just my second home” he immediately told us. It could not start better!

Why are you so attracted by France?

First, I would be downright ungrateful not to appreciate your country. 9 millions of viewers each week, that’s not nothing ! You seem surprised I’m so well informed, but you must know that I do really care to how the French people react to my series. I told it to the producers before beginning the shooting: to me, French viewers are the best critics. I knew if they liked Mentalist, it would be the same elsewhere. It is no coincidence if I insisted on riding in a French car (a Citroën DS).

You had a whale of a time in the French Riviera last summer. What did you prefer?

First of all, women! (he blushed and burst out laughing). My press agent frowns at me but I must admit I was amazed at how French women had class and style. Then, la bouillabaisse (fish soup), we had tasted this wonderful local food and we found it delicious. Anyway, when you put your feet under a table in France, you know you’ll enjoy. Even if you just eat bread and butter, it’s always delicious. Sometimes I think that my dream would have been to be French!

There must be indeed something in us that irritates you?

I had only one bad experience in your country. A few years ago. We spent (me and my family) more than a month in a friend’s farm near Toulouse. We had rain almost all the time. As we were spending a few days in Biarritz, it cost me 600 US$ to bring my surfboard to France. My wife prevented me to take it because we had already too much parcels. But I finally surfed only for a few hours. My spouse was so furious she didn’t want me to take my surfboard back to the US with me. I went to some local surf shops to sell it and finally, it’s an unknow who bought it to me on the beach for 400 €.

How did the success of the Mentalist changed your life?

When I have a walk in the street, I avoid strolling. But I’m not complaining, it’s the price of fame. And you know, I’m extremely old-school. When I learned the series was a big hit (he touches wood by tapping twice on his chair) I just felt relieved to meet the financial needs of my family.

What do you miss today?

Unmistakably, time. I’m trying not to spend more than 12 hours a day on the set. Before coming to your interview, I swam in my swimming-pool with my children because I’m shooting an episode this week that allows me two days off. Otherwise, when the episode is too busy, I try to bring my children as often as possible on the set.

One’s say your daughter wants to become an actress. Is it true?

No. My daughter Stella who is 17 wanted to know the “behind the scenes “of my art. Last summer I got her a training course with the production team of the mentalist in order to understand better the world I’m working in. For now, she wants to become a photographer. She’s a true artist. She takes superb photos and does not need to compete with her father.

Bio express:

Simon Baker was born on July 30, 1969 in Launceston, Australia.
Her mother, Elisabeth, was an acting school teacher and his father, Barry, was groundskeeper in a school. They divorced when he was only 2.

In 1998, he married Rebecca Rigg (his second wife), an Australian actress much more famous than him at that time.

He had 3 children with her (Stella born in 1993, Claude in 1998 and Harry born in 2001).

One of Simon’s best friend is none other than Nicole Kidman, Harry’s godmother.

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