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Date : 6-12 NOV 2010
By Gwénola Trouillard

Is he Red John ?

From the beginning, Patrick Jane and the serial killer’s fates are linked. But how much?

The true star of the series is the serial killer with his smiley: on Google, if you type “Mentalist” you’ll get 6.2 millions of references, for Red John 45 millions !!

From the first episode, he sealed a bloody wedding with Patrick Jane. In a con-psychic suit, he went on about Red John, bloodthirsty serial killer, who signs his crimes with a bloody smiley. Back to his house, Jane founds a letter pin on his room’s door. Inside, his wife and daughter assassinated.

After this tragic event, he decides to use his gifts to hunt down criminals and becomes a consultant at the CBI. Handsome, arrogant, brilliant and unpredictable, Jane is all the more endearing he seems shattered by the death of his family and obsessed by their murderer: “Red John is mine” he shouts to his boss. Very close to “Red John is me”.

What does Simon Baker think of it?

We asked him at the Monte-Carlo Festival : “The hypothesis is attractive. Red John is a kind of a false rabbit, like a lure in greyhound racings. Could Jane go on living without this stalking? That’s what makes him continue. He lost everything when his wife and child died and if he collaborates with the police, it is to expiate this error he doesn’t forgive to himself. That’s why he’s consumed by anger, frustration, and he goes on his Red John’s quest”. From then suggesting that they are two sides of the same personality, as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the step is easy to cross. As the producer of the series, Bruno Heller, says :”Both men need each other in a rather kinky way.”

Does Patrick Jane have a killer profile?

Yes, regarding his unhappy childhood under the yoke of an authoritarian father who forced him to play the con-psychic to extort money and the dark side of his personality expressed by a chronic instability, a real inner pain and and an obsessive nature.

What facts support this thesis?

He hacks the new investigator’s computer when Lisbon is discharged from the case. He is the only one who can differentiate Red John between his copycats, and, moreover, anyone who approaches the killer is eliminated before testifying and establishing an identikit. Very very strange.. In next Season 2 finale, Patrick Jane will at last meet the smiley killer. A big duel? A manipulation with the help of an accomplice? Jane and Red John are going to create once again the buzz on the net !

In the little letter pin on the door: “Dear Mr Jane, I don’t like to be slandered in the medias moreover coming from a mercantile con-man. If you were a real psychic and not a villainous wimp, you won’t need to open this door to see what I did to your beautiful wife and child”.

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