Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Simon Baker loves french viewers !

The hero of the series Mentalist, Simon Baker, says in an interview with the weekly TV magazine that "the best critics are the French viewers." We are lucky eh!

While season 2 of the adventures of Simon Baker, aka the sexiest Mentalist of the Year, was attended by no less than 9 million viewers glued to their screens, Simon Baker, Australian actor who portrays the main character in the series, makes eyes to the French public in an interview with the weekly TV Entertainment. He says this: "I knew if they liked Mentalist, it would be the same elsewhere"

Proof of his love for the French public in general and France, he then explains that "it is no coincidence that I insisted on riding in a French car." Oh yeah, definitely. The guy is going far to find arguments to flatter us ! Anyway the feeling of the audience is mutual because we are millions to follow his adventures each week, broadcasted since 1st September on TF1.

Thanks Anna for the translation

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