Friday, October 01, 2010

Spoilers Anonymous In-Depth: 'The Mentalist'

This week, we discuss spoilers recently released for the upcoming two episodes of 'The Mentalist.'

This week's episode, titled 'Cackle-Bladder Blood,' will provide more intel on Jane as his brother-in-law returns to town and gets mixed up in a murder investigation.

Jane is a pretty secretive man and has not shared a lot about his past and himself thus far. Luckily for us, we will finally learn some tidbits about our favorite mentalist when Jane's brother-in-law Danny (played 'Trauma's' Kevin Rankin) resurfaces. Jane will not welcome Danny with open arms and will have reservations before agreeing to help him.

Spoilers released over the summer claim that Danny is a charismatic con man and is a ladies' man. Could Danny try to seduce Lisbon in order to clear his name? For sure the team will try to milk every single detail about Jane they can get from Danny as it's their first real chance to get some intel about their coworker. Jane won't be a happy camper!

Episode 3.03 will feature the return of Malcolm McDowell as cult leader Bret Stiles. The latter will share some info about Red John but also about Kristina Frye.

McDowell rocked when he first guest starred in last year's 'Red All Over' episode but, from a 'Mentalist' fan perspective, I'm not as much looking for his return than I'm eager for the Red John story to progress some more. I know Red John will only see its final conclusion during the show's series finale but I welcome any progression, especially when it's not only during sweeps episodes!

How does Stiles fit into this? Why does he have information about Red John and Kristina? Does he know where Kristina is being held? Is she linked to Red John and he knows it? Questions, questions, and more questions! I can't wait for that episode, you?

Are you looking forward to these two episodes? Share your 'Mentalist' theories in the comments section below!

'The Mentalist' airs Thursdays at 10PM ET on CBS.

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