Monday, September 20, 2010

TV Guide Magazine(September 20-26 ,2010)

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The Mentalist
Returns 9/23, 10/9c, CBS

WHERE WE LEFT OFF Partick Jane(Simon Baker) found himself attracted to psychic Kristin Frye(Leslie Hope), only to see her kidnapped by serial killer Red John.

WHAT'S NEXT "Jane has information about Red John that he's not sharing," says creator Bruno Heller. " After what happened to Kristina, he believes anyone close to him is going to get hur." Kevin Rankin(Friday Night Lights) pops up as Jane's brother-in-law, a duplicitous ex-carnie who blames jane for his sister's murde. Hightower(Aunjanue Ellis)is accuseed of a terrible crime of complicity. Lonely, screwed-up Lisbon(Ronbin Tunney) finds love-but only briefly. Eric winter(Brothers & Sisters) joins the show as a studly FBI man who has the hots for Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti). That, of course, will annoy the hell out of Rigsby (Owan Yeoman)!

RED JOHN OR RED HERRING? Malcolm Mcdowell returns as creepy church leader Bret Stiles, who was suspiciously obsessed with Jane last seasson. "Stiles seems to know things about Red John he couldn't possibly have read in the newspaper," says Heller. "There are cetrain poepole at cBI who begin to suspect that he is Red John."

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