Monday, September 13, 2010

TM Season 3 casting news

3.06 The Pink Chanel Suit

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PAULINE FITZWILLIAM : Well rounded women.

DR. ED SABAN : Family's personal doctor.

SOPHIE FITZWILLIAM : Pauline's daughter.

MARCUS WHITESIDE : Head of Security.

DANIELLA : Well off financially.

HOWARD DRESSLER : The pool man.

RANDALL TUBBS : Serving 40 years in prison.

PRIEST/BISHOP : Priest for the funeral.

HALEY : Manager for an upscale clothing store, with a snobby attitude.

SECURITY AGENT : A security agent for the Fitzwilliam estate.

ABBY FITZWILLIAM : Rich, gorgeous girl who likes to party all the time.

AUSTIN : Victim, strikingly good looks with a boyish face

Source : Explore Talent .

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