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Télé Loisirs N° 1278(23 Août 2010)

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SIMON BAKER The Mentalist

Why do we all fall for him ?

comparison with other series

the new season's secrets

and our exclusive interview

Page 12-13 TITLE : why do we all fall for him ?

Before the beginning of the Mentalist's Season 2, we met the new Columbo of TF1 at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival.

the opportunity to take bearings and to decipher his strong popularity.

by Gwenola Trouillard

Sentence below pictures : « Nice fellow, brilliant, iconoclast, annoying but desperate… Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is a true girl’s trap. Is her Boss, Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) going to succumb ?

Elected the sexiest man on USA TV in 2009, Simon Baker enjoys a crazy love rating both in the USA where the series hits since 2 years and in France where his investigations are followed by 9 millions of faithful fans. Not so bad for a former surf and water-polo champion who grew up on the Pacific coast playing the dandy. His parents, desperate by his school results, made him pass and IQ test and then discovered they had a very clever son.

The Mentalist is a mix between Dr House and Columbo.

Therefore, they let him leave his life and Simon, spotted on a beach, first appeared in soap operas. Since then, he appeared in “Home and away”, “The Guardian” and movies such as “L.A. Confidential” and “The Devil wears Prada”. Married to the actress Rebecca Rigg and happy father of 3 children, Simon Baker is waiting for his time. And then it comes with the Mentalist, kind of mix between Columbo for the sense of deduction and Dr House for the corrosive spirit. A whimsical, arrogant and fragile character that the audience immediately infatuated. Comparative test.

More sexy than Dr Mamour

The female audience only noticed this beautiful brown male in “Grey’s anatomy” since the opening scene where he was making love with Meredith Grey and then after encountered difficulties to recover her love. To date, they have vowed never to marry .. until next love reversal ! Advantage to Patrick Jane, beautiful weeping widower every women would love to comfort. False TV psychic, he challenged the killer Red John who took revenge by killing his wife and daughter. Since then, he’s obsessed by the pursuit of the killer.

More tortured than House

The audience developed a passion for this doctor rude, toxyco, lame person and enemy of the mankind. After some uninteresting roles in Disney productions “101 Dalmatians” “Stuart Little”, the depressive English was elevated to a sex symbol rank. Bruno Heller, the creator of The mentalist, learned the lesson revealing a tortured soul beneath Simon Baker’s good-looking appearance. But beside this bad and cynic doctor, Jane is a bad kid with absurd reactions. An original character, with a trauma that makes him both vulnerable and endearing.

More philosophic than Horacio Caine

The CSI Miami’s boss is the object of a funny game. In front of our TV, one has to guess when he’ll remove his black sunglasses starting a very deep sentence such as : “life is not a long quiet river, you live and then you die.. “Laughters ! Patrick Jane’s lines, his childish and mischievous character constitute the humorous part of the series. If one makes fun of Horatio Caine and his poor philosophy, we laugh with Jane hiding his pain behind the mask of self-mockery. Basically, he’s a sad clown.

More perceptive than Columbo

They drive old French cars : one an 403, the other a DS. On a crime scene, they found the most insignificant index to elaborate a bizarre theory which always proves to be the good one. The genius of Columbo is its construction: a murder, a guilty, and an entire episode to confound him. In the Mentalist, we don’t understand Jane’s practical jokes before the puzzle suddenly set up and bring the truth to light. This forces the audience to be active and enter the mental mechanics of the heroes. Clever !

Jane and Lisbon picture page 14 (in purple)

What to expect in Season 2

Relieved of Red John’s investigation, Jane will manage to keep control on it. We will discover his youth in a circus where he was playing conjurer’s tricks with his father who learned him everything. He’ll also be confused by a pretty medium and by the new CBI’s boss Madeleine Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis) who took Minelli’s place (Gregory Itzin). She’ll have to restructure the division after the death of 3 agents. She’s going to flirt with Patrick Jane and get involved with Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) in a struggle of power where jealousy is the main engine. And of course, Red John comes back to haunt Jane. Unless he meets him personally ? To be continued…

Interview : Patrick Jane is an anarchist !

Among all the stars invited to the TV Monte-Carlo Festival last June, Simon Baker was the most acclaimed. Looking like a surfer in a branded suit, the cute Aussie made the temperature raised on the Monte-Carlo’s rock. In the press conference then in one-to-one debate, we could have noticed that he is as beautiful as his head is well filled. A simple little kiss on your cheek at the end of the interview is enough to be overcome with admiration and you’re unable to say anything else more intelligent than “Gosh, how gorgeous he is !”, that’s what happen when you made yourself manipulated by a mentalist !

Télé Loisirs : In France, we’re about to discover the Season 2 of the Mentalist, what can you tell us about it ?

SB: It starts on a dramatic tone. We can feel the frustration of Patrick Jane who does not progress in Red John’s pursuit. And then, there’s this new female character, Hightower, who intellectually competes with him and try to manipulate him which situation quite suits him. At the end of season 2, we’ve build solid foundations for season 3. The shooting is beginning in July and I’ll even direct an episode.

Télé Loisirs: Do you feel close to PJ ?

SB: I immediately felt at ease with the character. His character wasn’t totally reached in the first script, so I was able to bring much to him. But then to say that I look like him…he’s more extroverted than me. Let’s say that I have taken certain traits of my personality that I have exaggerated, for instance my school kid’s side.

Télé Loisirs: We have the feeling that he thinks he’s above the law?

SB; Right ! I would even say that he has the revolutionary fiber ! (Laughs). In the extremely hierarchical world of the Police where he must constantly be answerable to his immediate superior, he brushes everything off claiming that every individual is entitled to his ideas and opinions. A true democrat in fact!

Télé Loisirs: Democrat, really? Isn’t he rather an anarchist?

SB: Oh yes, he is ! And even a nihilist : he lost everything when his wife and daughter died, and if he collaborates with the police, it’s to suffer for this sin he doesn’t forgive him. That’s why he’s consumed by anger, frustration and this obsessive quest of Red John.

Télé Loisirs: When is he going to arrest him?

SB: It’s like a race of greyhounds where a fake rabbit is used as a lure. Could Jane go on living without this tracking? I think that it pushes him forward.

Télé Loisirs: Nevertheless, he’s a brat…

SB: He’s an enfant terrible (he said in French). He’s in direct contact with the world, totally implicated, but keeps upstage. A good mentalist has no psychic talents, he observes and analyses what he sees thanks to techniques he learned.

Télé Loisirs: Have you ever been manipulated by a mentalist?

SB: Yes, once and I didn’t like it at all because I couldn’t control anything.

Télé Loisirs: Are you a manipulator?

SB: Only with good-willing people ! I like sparring matches, exchanging ideas. At this game, my wife and my daughter are much stronger than me.

Télé Loisirs: what kind of man are you in private?

SB: I am an “sensationalist” : I cultivate unsophisticated pleasures: savouring a good wine, watching the sunset or a storm rising over the sea, my children laughing and squabbling, diving in the ocean and drying under the sun…

Télé Loisirs, how does a former surf champion become an actor?

SB: That’s the same ! When you’re waiting for the wave, you must feel at a100% of your capacity. A good actor must also live intensely and seize the day.

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