Saturday, September 04, 2010

The mentalist: Simon Baker is better ... all other channels combined!

Translation by Anna

Thanks Anna for the news.

This is what we called a score walkover yesterday evening, TF1 (finally) released his novel Season 2 of The mentalist and the chain has obviously done well.

If the first episode of season 1 had gathered 9.1 million viewers (8.3 million averaged over an entire season), the season premiere of season 2 was even better: you were almost 9.4 million in witness the return of Patrick Jane (37.4% audience share), then 8.5 million for the second episode (the third episode was a replay).

Thus, the seductive hypnotist (played by Simon Baker cracking) has managed to beat all channels ... combined! France 2, France 3, France 5 and M6 have attracted only 8.1 million viewers to these four.

With such a bulldozer at TF1 and M6 have not really dared to fight back and has just proposed a blooper made by Sandrine Corman and Alex Goude: a debatable issue in the interest ...

You did'nt resisted the charm of this exciting mentalist and season 2 will give you reason.

The mentalist had already put a beating on Bones (M6), which adversary can shake his supremacy? NCIS?

Discover already the first images of the episode next week.

Source : Pure People.

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