Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Mentalist has more than 9 million of fans (at least !)

Translation by Anna.

Thanks Anna for the news.

The Mentalist Season 2 starting with a bang last night on TF1. Result: 9.4 million viewers were glued to their screens in a hurry to admire the handsome Simon Baker, aka Patrick Jane

Mamamia Aaaah! It's been months since his return was expected and it happened too fast. Him? Well, Simon Baker of course. Yes, Patrick Jane, The Mentalist. He was back Wednesday on TF1 for the dissemination of season 2 and oddly, we were quite enough (girls) to drool over our screens ... Finally, just 9.4 million. Yes anyway, it's been a few.

Big success for Simon Baker that has won everything in its path in early evening for the dissemination of the first two episodes of season two. For good reason! Would you like me to remember you what makes us upset with him? Well, OK with pleasure. Simon Baker, aka Patrick Jane, aka Mentalist (yes, we like all his pet names), is a smile, blue eyes penetrating steel, blond hair california where we would like to spend hours with our hands in, and then a three-piece suit cut flawlessly. Here, everyone has understood or you want more? No, because it must be clear, if we are 9 million to love him so much, it will be war, be careful.
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