Thursday, August 05, 2010

Watch Magazine (August 2010)

Source : Watch Magazine
Date : August 2010
By Hudson Morgan
Photo by Mark Mann

Thanks Mandy for the scan.

"What I liked about Simon was, unlike most actors, how bashful he is about his own fame. He and I were driving around Sydney in the back of a BMW when all of a sudden we came over this hill and a sea of flesh opened before us: Bondi Beach, where he was about to put on a tuxedo for a photo shoot in the middle of the busiest swath of sand in Australia. `This is gonna be a freak show', he told me. `This is gonna be really embarrassing. I don't want to get out there in front of all those people and act like a jerk' I suggested he trade his black tie for a Speedo. `If it were a Speedo at least I'd blend in,' he replied, laughing."

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