Monday, August 23, 2010

Hollywood north

There were moe than a few Simon Baker sightings here this week with the star of "the Mentalist" in town - along with 100 or so other cast and crew members.

They were here for two days, shooting eppisodes of the hit CBS show that's "set"in Sacramento but filmed mostly in L.A.

Filming Thursday was along the river in West Sac. On Friday, shooting shifted to downtown Sacramento.

Lots of "B-roll" filming also was done so local scenes can be spliced into studio footage.
sacreamento's chief film wrangler, Lucy Steffens, tells us she went over to see the filming Thursday and chatted up some of the Sac Pd officers she figured were assigned there for security.

She inquired about a few cops she knows - and got blank stares in return.

She looked more closely at their uniforms. The arm patches were fakes.

The "cops"? Movie extras.

Source : The Sacramento Bee .

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