Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spoiler alert-The Mentalist:3X02 Cackle-bladder Blood


TRIXIE MALDONADO: A wealthy incredibly sexy lady is having an affair with Danny.

MELANIE WALE : This conservative, serious, adept woman is the murder victim's sibling.

HEATHER RADE: Very luscious. The deceased's aide, she cries non-stop after his death.

CHARLOTTE "CHARLIE" GORDO : This conspicuously elegant elderly woman comes up to Van Pelt, saying that her bag was just stolen. She is another of Jane's old friends.

CONCETTA WALE : Is classy, and a dedicated housewife. This busy, accomplished woman is the spouse of a realty tycoon.
Shortly after her husband past away, she keeps herself busy by making food for the funeral.

DANIEL RUSKIN : Jane's brother-in-law who is a con artist, he dazzling and mesmerizing but his carefree facade hides his anxiety.

Danny blames Jane for blight from the past; when he's wrongly suspected of killing someone, he depends on Jane to get him off the hook.

DETECTIVE MILLER REECE : This persistent homicide detective is working a case. When Reece thinks Jane's team is evading him, he makes it clear that he's serious, and will all he can to make sure justice is served.

PETE BARSOCKI : A bigger man. He is a chatty person, an important person; and Jane's old friend. There is no doubt, he dislikes cops, and has no desire to cooperate with the cops especially if it means ratting out an associate.

SAMMO : A "little" man. Arrogant and undaunted, he works in Pete's circus as a fire-eater. Also an acquaintance of Jane, Sammo is automatically attracted to Lisbon.

COP : This cop runs in gun raised and commands a suspect to let go of their weapons.

MURPHY TRAVER : This man allegedly struck it rich online is pretending to have family money. When in fact, he is a con artist who has been preparing to scam local upper class community members.

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