Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Mentalist casting news

This next casting scoop gets the Aushole seal of approval: Former Friday Night Lights scene-stealer Kevin Rankin (it’s Herc!) is joining CBS’ The Mentalist in the potentially recurring role of Danny Ruskin, Patrick Jane’s (Simon Baker) brother-in-law.

“He’s a hustler, a con artist, a ladies’ man—a cunning ne’er-do-well,” explains Mentalist EP/creator Bruno Heller. “Through his sister, he has an emotional hook in Jane that he’s not afraid to tug at when it serves his nefarious purposes.”

Source : Entertainment Weekly.

Van Pelt’s gettin’ some! The Mentalist is currently casting a potential love interest for Amanda Righetti. The deets…

Craig O’Laughlin: In his late 20s to early 30s, Craig is a football player-turned-FBI agent. Translation: Actors with fewer than six packs need not apply. The role is recurring.

ACD suggestion: Eric Winter.

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Source : Entertainment Weekly.

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